International Craft Cider Festival






On Friday, we nipped up the valley to attend the International Craft Cider Festival. It was a lovely day and a shame there were not more in attendance (hopefully more people turned up on the Saturday and Sunday).
As the name suggests, the main attraction was the cider bar, where the producers were very friendly and keen to offer samples of their work. There was excellent live music from the likes of Paper Aeroplanes, The Misers and 4th Street Traffic, and although the audience in the field was rather sparse, the free flow of cider meant the drizzle did not dampen spirits.
There was also a market hall where we picked up some delicious fudge, raspberry wine and apple and blackcurrant brandy, ideal for when we finally get round to inviting people round for dinner.
Meanwhile, back at the cider bars, we met some spaniards who showed us their traditional, Asturian, method of pouring cider from a great height (seemed a little wasteful to me – half of it splashes out on the floor), and explained that their very lightly sparkling “sidra” must be knocked back quickly, as the taste changes if you sip it (maybe this is why I had such a sore head on Saturday). I also tried “champagne style” cider from Germany, as well as the usual west country scrumpies and perries.
We had a lovely day and hopefully we will return next year.


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