It’s Decoupage, Yeah?








That’s right I did some Decoupage. big whoop. It’s only cut and paste.

I decided to brighten up an old Lack side table from Ikea, it was scuffed and buried under junk not really being useful. I thought I could cover over the scuffs with some decoupage but couldn’t decide what to use, when I realised, we have lots of wrapping paper that Mojo insists on saving but I am unlikely to use again for wrapping. I decided on two patterns which we had substantial sheets of, and that were marred by sticky tape and tears in the middle. I cut the wrapping paper into irregular shaped pieces of varying size, ranging from roughly 1cm x 2cm to 5cm x 5cm.

Having made sure the side table was clean and dry, I was ready to Decoupage! I applied watered down PVA glue to the table with a paint brush and then stuck my wrapping paper pieces on, overlapping each other, and applying more PVA on top of each piece. Now a normal person would probably be able to cover an object of this size in an evening, but because I am painfully slow at doing anything, it took me four evenings altogether, even though I had some help from Jasper.

I have so far applied three layers of PVA, apparently, apart from sealing the surface and making it more hard wearing, adding extra coats of glue/decoupage medium/varnish will make the cut edges of the paper appear not so prominent and more like inlay. Some artisan decoupage has 30 or 40 coats of varnish!

As you might be able to see in the photographs, I have covered the top of the table and only half way down the legs. It occurred to me that people will almost certainly look at it and think it is only half finished, but the idea was to give the impression of a tablecloth, after all that is what we would have to use if I hadn’t covered the scuffed table top. Anyway, I think it looks okay. Just a few more coats of PVA and it will be a useful table again in our front room.


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