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Cartoon Connections Project Update

I was doing some work on my cartoon project last night, and realised that it could be a lot of work. More work than I imagined. I started designing a database to organise the data, I really wanted something where I could input the data and have it output something graphical – like the genealogy software that is out there, but some of the connections between shows are deeper and more complicated than that (and deeper and more complicated than my programming skills, which are nil). So I think I will have to make my own graphical representations.
I have identified some of the important linkages – key individuals like Jean Chalopin and production companies like Nelvana or Klasky-Csupo. I intend to base my posts around these links, rather than the shows themselves.

Hopefully, the first real Cartoon Connections project post will be coming soon, but I have a spare room to decorate so I will have to earn the right to work on the blog. Hard work ahead!