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Tikka Flavour Clark’s Original Pie



Clark’s Pies are a Cardiff institution, and while they are to be found for sale in chip shops around South Wales, there are those who believe the only place to get a “Clarksie” is from the pie shop on Bromsgrove Street in Grangetown, where the pies are made fresh each day. For many years the shop sold only, hot or cold, large or small, pies. Yesterday, Clark’s pies launched a new pie. Blasphemy! I hear the cries of the purists. But wait it’s still a “Clarpie” it’s just differently seasoned (or spiced).

I was lucky enough to be one of the first to try one of the new Tikka flavour Clarksies. We live very close to the shop in Grangetown, and Mojo popped in and picked one up for me and very kindly dropped it into the office while it was still warm. The tikka filling won’t blow your head off, but I found it to be nicely warming and complements the rich buttery pastry case, that is the hallmark of a Clark’s pie.